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Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension (30 minutes)

  Section C(复合式听写调整为单词及词组听写,短文长度及难度不变。)

  Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have just heard. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

  The northern Italian city of Milan banned all traffic from its streets for 10 hours on Sunday in an attempt to reduce smog.

  The measure which was first 26__________ on a trial basis in the year 2007 is triggered whenever pollution exceeds the statutory limit for 12 consecutive days.

  Satellite 27__________ shows Milan to be one of the most polluted cities in Europe. An 28__________ 120,000 vehicles will be affected by the move, according to the major daily newspaper in the city.

  The most polluting vehicles have been banned from driving through the city center since Thursday. But on Sunday, there 29__________ be no traffic between 8:00 and 18:00.

  The ban is imposed when pollution exceeds 50 30__________ of particulates per cubic meter of air over 12 days. The last time the full ban was in force was in February.

  The move is not popular with all 31__________ , who argue that the city!s public transport system should be improved to 32__________ their cars. Local Green Party councilor Enrico Fedrighini said cars with three or four people inside should be offered 33 __________, for example. “One or two car-free Sundays each month will not do anything to 34 __________the smog crisis,” he told the daily newspaper in the city.

  Public transport was to be bolstered during the day, with an extra metro trains and buses 35__________ .

      Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)

  Section B(原快速阅读理解调整为长篇阅读理解,篇章长度和难度不变。篇章后附有10个句子,每句一题。每句所含的信息出自篇章的某一段落,要求考生找出与每句所含信息相匹配的段落。)

  Directions: In this section, you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it. Each statement

  contains information given in one of the paragraphs. Identify the paragraph from which the information is derived.

  You may choose a paragraph more than once. Each paragraph is marked with a letter. Answer the questions by

  marking the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2.

  Caring for elderly parents catches many unprepared

  [A ] Last July, Julie Baldocchi,s mother had a massive stroke and was paralyzed. Baldocchi suddenly had to become a family caregiver, something that she wasn"t prepared for. “I was flying by the seat of my pants,” says Baldocchi, an employment specialist in San Francisco. Both of her parents are 83, and she knew her father couldn’t handle her mother’s care. The hospital recommended putting her mother in a nursing home. Baldocchi wasn’t willing to do that. But moving her back into her parents’ home created other problems. Baldocchi, 48, is married and lives about a mile away from her parents. She has a full-time job and has back problems that make it difficult for her to lift her mother. “I couldn’t do it all,” she says. “But I didn’t even know how to find help.”

  [B] With help from the Family Caregiver Alliance, she eventually hired a live-in caregiver. “But even if you plan intellectually and legally, you’re never ready for the emotional impact,” Baldocchi says. In the first two months after her mother’s stroke, she lost about 30 pounds as stress mounted. More than 42 million Americans provide family caregiving for an adult who needs help with daily activities, according to a 2009 survey by the AARP. An additional 61.6 million provided at least some care during the year. And many are unprepared.

  [C] While many parents lack an advance care directive, it’s the most basic and important step they can take. The directive includes several parts, including: a durable power of attorney, which gives someone legal authority to make financial decisions on another’s behalf; a health care proxy, which is similar to the power of attorney, except it allows someone to make decisions regarding medical treatment; and a living will that outlines instructions for end-of-life care. (For example, parents can say if they want to be kept alive by artificial measures.) “It’s invaluable for the kids, because it’s hard to make those decisions for a parent,” says Jennifer Cona, an elder- law attorney at Genser Dubow Genser & Cona in Melville, N.Y. An advance care directive is the first line of defense if a situation arises, says Kathleen Kelly, executive director of the Family Caregiver Alliance, which supports and educates caregivers. Without an advance directive, the family will have to petition the court to be appointed the parent’s legal guardian, says

  [D] It’s important for families to talk about long-term care so the adult children know their parents,preferences, wishes and goals, says Lynn Feinberg, a caregiving expert at AARP. But it’s not an easy conversation. Elderly parents are sometimes suspicious of their children’s financial motives, says Susan John, a financial planner at Financial Focus in Wolfeboro, N.H. One client asked John to hold a family meeting because they needed an intermediary to talk about financial issues, she says. And when there are many siblings, the family decisions can become a three-ring circus with much acrimony, says Ann-Margaret Carrozza, an elder-law attorney in Glen Cove, N.Y. Families who need information and help sorting out disagreements can call on elder-law attorneys, financial planners, geriatric care managers and caregiver support groups. In February, AARP said it will offer its members a new caregiving support service through financial services firm Genworth.

  [E] Many families are unprepared for quick decisions, especially when they find out that Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care, Feinberg says. The median cost of a year in a private room at a nursing home in 2011 was $77,745, according to Genworth. And only those who have spent most of their assets can qualify for Medicaid to pay for the nursing home.

  [ F] Assisted living is another option. Residents can have their own apartment to maintain some independence. But the facilities generally provide personal care services, such as meals, housekeeping and assistance with activities. Still, it’s not cheap: The national median cost in 2011 was $39,135, according to Genworth. Assisted living isn’t covered by Medicaid.

  [G ] If they have a choice, at least 90% of elderly parents prefer to stay at home as long as they can, according to

  AARP research. But if the parents can no longer safely live at home, it can be hard for children to move them into an adult care facility. There may be another option. Sometimes the home can be modified so a parent can stay there. For example, Baldocchi put in a chair lift for her mother. She also arranged for a home caregiver.

  [H] Family caregivers take over many responsibilities. One might manage a parent’s finances, while another sibling will take the parent to doctors" appointments and shopping. Those who move in with a parent take on a significant and sustained burden of care. Jan Walker moved into her mother’s home in Leesburg, Fla. After her mother, who is 83, had fallen, she wasn’t able to get around as well. Walker, 55, has three brothers. But she is the only daughter, is divorced and has no children. “I always knew that this was the role that I would have, and I guess my mind was prepared for it,” says Walker, who now is a full-time caregiver and works from home as a tutorial instructor for a digital scrapbooking website. “When you get into the trenches, it’s literally baptism by fire,” she says. “New things come up. It’s not just about advance planning for finances or medical care. It’s everything,” she says.

  [I ] Caregivers need to also watch their own health. “There is such a thing as caregiver burnout, ” Cona says. Among female caregivers 50 and older, 20% reported symptoms of depression, according to a 2010 study on working caregivers by MetLife. “It’s a hard job,” Walker says. “But most worthwhile things are hard. She was always there for me when I needed a helping hand. It’s only natural that I be here for her now.”

  46. When elderly parents cannot live at home safely, their children can change their home instead of sending them to an adult care facility.

  47. To talk about long-term care is not easy because sometimes aged parents are suspicious of their children’s financial motives.

  48. Besides advance planning for finances or medical care, family caregivers take over many other responsibilities.

  49. The difference between a durable power of attorney and a health care proxy is that the latter allows someone to make decisions regarding medical treatment.

  50. Baldocchi did not want to send her mother to a nursing home, but she had difficulty taking care of her.

  51. Over 42 million caregivers helped an adult with everyday activities in the USA in 2009.

  52. If a family needs information or help to sort out disagreements, there are many people they can call on.

  53. Caregivers should pay attention to their own health, or they may burn out or become depressed.

  54. One will have to petition the court to be the parent’s legal guardian, if there is no advance directive.

  55. The national median cost of assisted living in 2011 was $39,135 and it is not covered by Medicaid.

      Part Ⅳ Translation (30 minutes)(原单句汉译英调整为段落汉译英。翻译内容涉及中国的历史、文化、经济、社会发展等。四级长度为140-160个汉字。)

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.

  中国的传统节庆膳食是节日必不可少的伴侣。例如,我国的端午节(the Dragon Boat Festival)是纪念古代 诗人屈原的日子。那一天,人们通常要赛龙舟、吃粽子(zongzi)。中秋节是观赏满月的日子。圆圆的月亮象征 着圆满,象征着家庭团聚。因此,中秋节(The Mid-autumn Festival)的特制食品是一种圆形的月饼。春节是中国 的农历新年(the Chinese lunar New Year’s holiday),除了常见的家禽和肉类之外,人们还要按各自的地方习俗 烹制传统食物,如铰子和年糕。


Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension

  Section B

  46. [G]。题干意为,当上了年纪的父母住在家里不安全时,他们的孩子可以改变他们的家,而不是将他们送 到成人看护中心去。注意抓住题干中的关键词live at home safely和adult care facility。文章段落中,[G]段提 到了上了年纪的父母住在家里不安全和成人看护中心的内容,该段第二至四句提到,如果上了年纪的父 母住在家里不再安全,对于孩子来说将他们送到成人看护中心也很难,不过有另外一种选择——可以改 变他们的家以适合他们在那里度过晚年。由此可知,题干是对原文的同义转述,故答案为[G]。

  47. [D]。题干意为,谈论长期护理问题并不容易,因为有时老年人会怀疑自己孩子有金钱方面的动机。注意 抓住题干中的关键词talk about long-term care、suspicious of和financial motives。文章段落中,[D]段提到了 谈论长期护理和老年人会怀疑自己孩子的内容,该段前三句指出,家庭成员谈论长期护理问题是很重要 的,这样才能了解父母的喜好和意愿等,但是这并不容易,有时候父母会怀疑子女有金钱方面的动机。由 此可知,题干是对原文的同义转述,故答案为[D]。

  48. [H]。题干意为,除了提前进行资金和医疗方面的规划,家庭护理人员还有其他许多责任。注意抓住题干 中的关键词planning for finances or medical care和many other responsibilities。文章段落中,[H ]段首先就提到 了家庭护理人员要承担许多责任,该段最后指出,家庭护理不仅仅要提前做好资金和医疗规划,一切问题 都要考虑到。由此可知,题干是对原文的同义转述,故答案为[H]。

  49. [C]。题干意为,永久授权书和医疗保健代理委托书的区别在于,后者允许某人做出有关医疗方面的决定。 注意抓住题干中的关键词a durable power of attorney和a health care proxy。文章段落中,只有[C]段提到了 这两个专有名词,该段第二句指出,护理指示应该包含a durable power of attorney、a health care proxy和a living will。在介绍health care proxy时提到,它与durable power of attorney相似,只是它允许某人做出有关医?


  50. [A]。题干意为,Baldocchi不想将母亲送到疗养院,但是她又很难照顾她。注意抓住题干中的关键词 Baldocchi和nursing home。文章段落中,有几段都提到了 Baldocchi,但是提到她不想将母亲送往疗养院但 自己照顾母亲又有困难的只有[A]段。题干内容是对原文第一段的总结,故答案为[A]。

  51. [B]。题干意为,2009年,美国有超过4200万护理人员帮忙照料成年人的日常生活。题干中的关键词为Over 42 million caregivers和help an adult with everyday activities。文章段落中,[B]段倒数第三句提到 了 More than 42 million Americans provide family caregiving for an adult who needs help with daily activities,其中 More than 42 million和daily activities分别与题干中的Over 42 million和everyday activities为同义互换。故答案为[B]。

  52. [D]。题干意为,如果一个家庭需要解决纠纷的信息或帮助,他们可以向很多人求助。注意抓住题干中的关 键词sort out disagreements和call on。文章段落中,[D]段倒数第二句提到,如果一些家庭需要解决纠纷的信息或 者帮助,他们可以向老年法律师、金融规划师、老年人护理经理和护理人员组织求助。由此可知,题干是对 原文的同义转述,故答案为[D]。

  53. [I]。题干意为,家庭护理人员应该注意自己的身体健康,否则他们可能会累垮或者变得心情抑郁。注意抓 住题干中的关键词their own health、burn out和depressed。文章段落中,提到要护理人员注意自己身体的是[I] 段,该段前三句指出,家庭护理人员也要注意自己的身体,有的时候护理者可能会累垮。对年龄在50岁及以 上的女性护理人员的调查显示,有20%的人称自己有抑郁症状。由此可知,题干是对原文这三句话的同义转 述,故答案为[I ]。题干中的 pay attention to their own health和原文中的 watch their own health对应。

  54. [C]。题干意为,如果没有提前准备一份护理说明,那么想成为父母的合法监护人需要向法庭申请。注意 抓住题干中的关键词petition the court、parent’s legal guardian和no advance directive。本题比较简单,这几个关 键词均在文章[C ]段中直接出现,该段最后一句提到,Without an advance directive, the family will have to petition the court to be appointed the parent’s legal guardian。由此可知,题干是对原文的同义转述,故答案 为[ C]。

  55. [F]。题干意为,2011年,全国生活协助的平均花费为39,135美元,而且这项花费也不在医疗补助计划的范 围之内。注意抓住题干中的关键词2011、$39,135和Medicaid。本题也比较容易,扫读全文,可以发现在[F] 段出现了2011和$39,135这两个关键词,并且后面也提到生活协助并不包含在医疗补助计划之内。由此可 知,题干是对原文的同义转述,故答案为[F]。

      Part Ⅳ Translation


  Traditional Chinese holiday meals are indispensable on some festivals. For example, the Dragon Boat Festival is a day established in memory of the ancient poet Qu Yuan and people usually hold dragon boat races and eat zongzi, or rice dumpling on that day. The Mid-autumn Festival is an occasion for viewing the full moon. The round moon is a symbol for completeness and family reunion. The special food of the day is yuebing, a round cake known as the mooncake. The Spring Festival is the Chinese lunar New Year’s holiday. Besides the popular poultry and meat, people

  cook traditional food according to regional customs, for example, jiaozi, or boiled dumplings, and niangao, or the “ 1 ” new year cake .


  ■ 1.中国的传统节庆膳食:翻译为Traditional Chinese holiday meals,其中“节庆膳食”直接译为holiday meals , 即可,翻译时注意“中国的”和“传统”的顺序。

  2.纪念:翻译为介词短语in memory of,修饰前面的a day。

  ■ 3.赛龙舟:翻译为hold dragon boat races,其中hold意为“举行”,“举行龙舟比赛”即“赛龙舟”。


  5.象征着家庭团聚:“象征”翻译为系表结构is a symbol for,也可以用动词symbolize表示,“家庭团聚”翻译: 为 family reunion 即可。

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