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Section A

1. M: I can't understand why Bob isn't here yet? Do you think we should try to call him or go look for him?
W: He probably just got held up in traffic. Why don't we give him a few minutes?
[Q] What are the speakers probably going to do?

2. M: Hi, Susan! Have you decided where to live when you get married?
W: I'd like to live in the downtown area near my work but Nelson wants to live in suburbs to save our expenses.
[Q] Why does Susan want to live in the city?

3. M: I'd like to buy a copy of Professor Franklin's book on American culture.

W: I'm sorry. The book has been out of print for sometime now.
[Q] Where does the conversation probably take place.

4. W: I've just locked my keys in my room. Now what should I do?
M: I can't believe it. You are always so careless. Anyhow let's calm down and try to figure things out.
[Q] What does the man suggest?

5. W: Can you give us your e-mail address, so we can get back to you as soon as possible?
M: I'll send you an e-mail so we don't have to do the spellings on the phone. Okay?
[Q] What are the speakers doing?

6. W: Hi, George! Could you give me a ride? I want to buy some food for the picnic.
M: Okay. I'm going home but I can drop you at the supermarket.
[Q] What does the woman want to do?

7. W: My name is Helen WARE. W-A-R-E. Can I get a class permit for biology?
M: Oh, no. Not now. Registration for students whose last names begin with W doesn't start until tomorrow.
[Q] What does the man mean?
女:我叫海伦 威尔,W-A-R-E,能给我生物课的听课证吗?

8. M: What was the weather like when you were in New York last week?
W: It was very much like the weather here in Beijing. So you needn't take much clothes if you don't plan to stay there long.
[Q] What can we learn from the conversation?

9. W: What are the things in our our suitcase? There aren't any toys at all. Where have you put them?
M: Oh, no. This is not our suitcase.The old lady must have taken ours by mistake. She was sitting next to us at the restaurant.
[Q] What can be inferred from the conversation?

10. M: Are you really leaving for Hongkong tomorrow morning?
W: Yeah, I guess so. I got the air tickets. I can't wait to see Bill there.
[Q] What is the woman going to do?

Section B

Passage One

Pamcla Royal and her partner, Edith Clark, are the owners of the Sea View Hotel in Brighton. As much of their business is seasonal, they do a good deal of the work themselves. In order to make a profit, it is necessary to keep down the cost of extra staff. Although they will never make a fortune, for the last ten years they have earned a reasonable living from the hotel.

They work extremely will together and each has her own duties. In general, Pamela does the book keeping. She is excellent with figures and seldom makes a mistake. She also takes care of the decorations, particularly the flower arranging, which is her hobby. Edith, on the other hand, makes all the staff arrangements, and when necessary does the cooking. She is a very patient woman, and if guests make complaints she tries her best to solve their problem.

However, the two ladies do not do all the work themselves. They usually employ college students to do the cleaning and the washing up. Bob Albert, who is a retired policeman, goes in two hours a day to do the gardening, or take care of the swimming pool.

Both ladies are very popular. They believe in having an informal relationship with the guests, and often make friends with their regular visitors. Last month was their tenth anniversary in Brighton, and they had a dinner with their friends to celebrate. Pamela gave a speech and everyone wished them lots of success for the future.

Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

11.How do Pamela and Edith manage to keep down the cost of the hotel?                            

12.What jobs in the hotel are given to the college students?                                     

13.Why are the two ladies popular in the area?                                                   

Passage Two

Some people dream of being President of the United States. Some dream of becoming stars in a Hollywood movie, and others of making millions of dollars overnight. But, could a dream like that come true in real life? Well, it did happen to peter Johnson.

Peter was an auto mechanic. One day, he walked into the Union Trust Bank in Baltimore and took 5,000 dollars that did not belong to him. The guards and other employees stood back and let him stuff the bills in his shirt and pants without trying to prevent him from taking the money.(16) No one tripped an alarm. No one pulled a gun. No one called the police. Why did the allow him to get away with it?

Well, everything was legal. Peter had won a contest promoted by a Baltimore radio station. The first prize entitled him to enter the union Trust bank and gather up as much money as he could lay his hands within five minutes. Because he could not bring any large bags or boxes into the bank, all the money had to be placed in his pockets.

As the time went by, Peter ran about wildly, trying to pick up as many large bills as he could find. When his time was up, he was out of breath, but was $ 5,000 richer.

Questions 14 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.

14.Why did peter go to the Union Trust bank?                                                        

15.What was Peter's job?                                                                          

16.What did the guards do when Peter stared gathering the money?                                   

17.Why didn't Peter take more money from the bank?                                                

Passage Three

Larry Smith is one of the rescuers on the Golden Gate Bridge. His job is to save people who attempt to jump into the sea. If the telephone rings at three in the morning, he knows it's trouble. Someone is threatening to commit suicide. Larry will get his things ready, and in no time he'll be out the door and heading to the spot.

"If you aren't too late," Larry says, "you climb out onto the cold steel and try to talk to the poor, and pull him anyhow back to safety. For many suicide attempts are made on the spur of the moment, and lives can be saved. But if you fall, if the person jumps into the bottomless pool, there's no describing how helpless you feel. Often, would - be jumpers are driven to despair and see no hope out of their misery. The trick is to open channels of communication with them. Following are some tricks that have worked: 'If you're going to jump, at least give me your mom's phone number so I can call and tell her. 'Or' That's a nice watch. If you're going to jump, can I have it?' Sometimes, all it takes is the voice of the human being who cares."

Larry estimates he has rescued about thirty people in his ten years of service.

Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

18.What is Larry's job?                                                                          

19.What is happening if Larry's phone rings at 3 o'clock in the morning?                        

20. What does Larry Smith usually do to stop someone from jumping off the bridge?                 


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